Splash City sells quality Sioux Falls hot tubs, pools, and spas, as well as game tables, billiards, furniture, fire pits, and more.

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Splash City Pools And Spas

Model 101

California Cooperage Model 101 offers bucket seating for two including head rests. The one pump system and 15 strategically placed jets will relax your muscles and ease away the stress for the day.

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Model 102

California Cooperage Model 102 offers bucket seating for two including one fully reclined lounge. The 23 jets throughout the spa give you a deep massage to ease away the stress of the day and relax your tense muscles.

Model M50

California Cooperage Model M50 offers comfortable barrier seating for 4 people. The one pump system and 22 jets allow your stress to be eased and your tense muscles relaxed.

Model 270

California Cooperage Model 270 combines barrier and bucket seating for larger groups while maintaining all the benefits of hydrotherapy. With two pumps and 13 additional jets it is ideal for stress reduction and full body relaxation.

Model 280

California Cooperage Model 270 is the largest of the series with a roomy interior designed to fit up to 7 adults. With two pumps and 45 jets, this spa is the perfect blend of power and spacious design.

Model M71

California Cooperage Model M71 has barrier seating for 5 people including a fully reclined lounge. The 27 jets make it easy to relax your muscles and ease away the stress of the day.

California Cooperage spas combine the features of the original redwood hot tub with the rejuvenating benefits of modern hydrotherapy. Each model features fully adjustable jets, – your California Cooperage spa is prepared to do it all.

California Cooperage

Model 271

California Cooperage model 271 offers seating for 6 and includes a fully reclined lounge. The 28 jets give you a spectacular massage and the two pumps and 13 additional jets give you a more powerful massage to ease away stress and relax those tense muscles.

Model 281

California Cooperage Model 281 offers something for everyone with bench seating, a fully reclined lounge seat, an elevated cool down seat and 46 jets for varying types of massages.