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Jacuzzi believes baths and spas are about more than just hot water, so they provide high-performance products that celebrate water’s ability to refresh and rejuvenate in inspiring ways. Jacuzzi product innovations are sparked by consumer insights and needs and they constantly strive to deliver experiences that enable you to transition to a better state of mind and body.

Model J-280

The J-280 proves that affordable hot tubs can give you everything you want in a spa. This spacious hot tub easily seats six adults. It offers the factory-installed options you would expect in luxury spas, not in an affordable hot tub.

Model J-465

This outdoor spa can seat up to six adults and is designed with the full-size ProAir™ Lounge Seat. Compare outdoor spas, and note how rare it is to get a lounge plus side-by-side seating. The J-465 has both, each with hydromassage action delivered by powerful jets you only get in a Jacuzzi® hot tub.

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Model J-275

The J-275 seats six adults and includes a comfortable lounge seat, with 16 total jets including six pulsating calf jets to provide the perfect massage experience; just about everything most people look for in a hot tub.

Model J-335

The Jacuzzi® FX10™ Therapy Seat in the J-335™ may be one of the best places to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. Every curve has been designed to fit the body; the adjustable-stream FX Jets is positioned to direct water with precision and strength.

Model J-470

The J-470 may be the right hot tub for you!  Padded headrests that move up and down to accommodate different body heights and adjustable pillows are unlike those in other large hot tubs.  At night, colored lights glowing from the waterfalls and from new underwater lights add to the peaceful feeling. 

Model J-480

You’ll be attracted to this spa, with its high, curved profile and dazzling waterfall. The asymmetrical lines of the Jacuzzi® J-480 present a modern spa silhouette that sets it apart from other luxury hot tubs. But like all true beauties, it’s what inside that counts – the PowerPro™ hot tub jets, in this case. 

Model J-375

The Jacuzzi J-375 spa is the flagship model of the J-300 hot tubs. With 34 PowerPro and 12 PowerPro BX Jets the maximum in relaxation is provided in this Jacuzzi spa. The wide selection of PowerPro Jets, this the dream spa experience for the individual who is looking for a little extra TLC. 

Model J-315

A small hot tub proves that bigger isn’t always better, whether you’re seeking a hydrotherapeutic massage or a long, relaxing soak in a hot tub. A small hot tub like the J-315™ can deliver all the benefits of a larger model, but in a compact space. 

Model J-365

The J-365, with seating for 6-7 adults, is great for parties or for experiencing a solo hydrotherapy massage. The J-365 is designed with 32 PowerPro® jets, sculpted-for-comfort seating and pillow headrests. With the choices in seating and therapy experiences, you’ll feel like this spa was built for you.

Model J-245

The J-245, offers a relaxing experience for up to seven adults. The open seating arrangement makes it ideal for social gatherings. Two powerful jet pumps provide all the power needed to keep all of your friends happy.

Model J-235

Known for its impressive jet power, the J-235 offers 35 total jets, 12 of which are found in the coveted lounge seat. Five other seating positions include hydrotherapy options that can appeal to all in your family.

Model J-495

With ample room for up to nine adults, customizable massage, and advanced technology, the J-495 tops the category of luxury spas. It is the only model in the Jacuzzi® luxury spas that's equipped with three pumps that provide every seat with a completely customizable massage experience.

Model J-325

The Jacuzzi® J-325 hot tub has enough room to accommodate four adults comfortably. Eperience an invigorating hydortherapeutic session in a seat that includes the NEW FX2 Spinner jets or work out the stress of the day with an FX jet foot massage.

Model J-LX

The J-LX™ hot tub can seat 6 adults and brings you the best features of Jacuzzi®, like top-of-the-line jets and versatile massage options, breakout style, improved hydrotherapy, comfortable seating, and weather-resistant materials.

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